Frequently Asked Questions

ESA Mobile

  • Why does ESA Mobile need access to my location?

    As well as making available the ‘open opportunities’ feature by searching for local visits wherever you are, it is a specific requirement of our Clients that we have the ability to record the location of your visit, and is therefore an intrinsic part of your acceptance of the assignments.

  • How does the barcode scanner work?

    The barcode scanner for iOS works within the app, when you press the button to scan the barcode you need to hover the camera over the barcode, making sure that the barcode remains in the green box displayed on the screen, until it comes into focus. As soon as the barcode is in focus the camera will automatically read the numbers, the camera will close and the numbers will be displayed in the comment box.

    The barcode scanner for the Android app requires a separate app, you will be prompted to download this app when you come to scan a barcode. For best practise though it is worth downloading it at the same time as you download the ESA Mobile app. You can click on the link below to download the barcode scanner for Android:

    When the app is downloaded it will launch whenever you press the ‘scan barcode’ button. Once the app is launched you simply need to hover the camera over the barcode, you will see a green line which you should keep in line with the barcode at all times, the app will then read the numbers. Once the app has successfully scanned the barcode it will close and return to the survey where it will automatically input the numbers from the barcode into the comment box.

  • Do I need a new login to be able to sign into the ESA Mobile app?

    No, you can sign straight into ESA Mobile by using your current esa-webms login details. If you haven’t signed up to become a shopper with ESA Retail yet you can do that right now by following this link and clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ link

  • Where can I download the ESA Mobile app from?

    The ESA Mobile app is available for Android Devices in the Play store here -

    It is available for iOS devices in the iTunes store, here -

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