ESA Christmas 2013 survey results

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Online spending at Christmas continues to grow and online shoppers plan to increase the use of this channel for their Christmas shopping in 2013. According to ESA Retail’s Christmas Shopping Survey 2013, around four in five shoppers will do some of their shopping for Christmas presents online this year and almost half of theses said their online spending on presents would increase this year. Online shopping for food & drink still lags behind non-food but is also growing; around one in five shoppers said they would buy some of their Christmas food & drink online and 40% of this group said this spending would increase in 2013.

When shopping in stores at Christmas, shoppers regard a good range of products, short queues and polite & friendly staff as the most important aspects of customer service. A ‘Christmassy’ atmosphere and Christmas wrapping service were regarded as of only minor importance.

46% of shoppers feel customer service in stores is generally worse at Christmas, although 17% feel service improves during the festive season. The aspects of service most likely to deteriorate at this time of year are thought to be queue length, staff availability and staff friendliness / politeness.

Recent increases in postage costs are influencing the sending of Christmas cards, with 40% of those who send cards saying they would send fewer cards this year.

Attitudes towards Christmas generally are somewhat more positive this year, with 23% of shoppers stating they are more positive this year than last, while a smaller number (19%) are less positive than in 2012. The aspects of Christmas shoppers claimed to most enjoy included spending time with the family, eating / drinking and giving and receiving presents. The least enjoyed aspect of the festive season was Christmas shopping.

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